Hair to DYE for

Choosing the right color to enhance your looks.

Fiery red, bombshell blonde, or classic brunette — which suits you best? Here, pro tips for choosing your perfect hair color — and a no-fail strategy for making it last longer and stay truer.
Whatever type of hair color you opt for, choosing the proper range of shades—warm or cool—is the key. The right hair color shade will brighten up your hairstyle!

The best way to make pleasing hair color choices is to determine whether natural coloring—hair, eye, and skin tones—is in the warm or cool range of colors. This is a very fun process. A Sharon Kaye’s colorist will determine what works best for you, Answer these questions, or better yet, have your best friend give you their opinion, which is likely to be more accurate:

My eyes are:
•    Deep brown or black-brown (Cool)
•    Golden brown (Warm)
•    Gray blue or dark blue (Cool)
•    Green, green blue or turquoise (Warm)
•    Hazel with gold or brown flecks (Warm)
•    Hazel with white, gray or blue flecks (Cool)

My skin is:
•    Very dark brown (Cool)
•    Brown with pink undertone (Warm)
•    Brown with golden undertone (Warm)
•    True olive (most Asians and Latinos) (Cool)
•    Medium with no color in cheeks (Cool)
•    Medium with faint pink cheeks (Cool)
•    Medium with golden undertones (Cool)
•    Pale with no color in cheeks (Cool)
•    Pale with pink undertones (Cool)
•    Pale with peach or gold undertones (Warm)
•    Freckled (Warm)
•    Ruddy (Warm)
•    Brown or bronze when I tan (Cool)
•    Golden brown, when I tan (Warm)

My hair color is:
•    Blue black (Cool)
•    Deepest coffee brown (Cool)
•    Medium ash brown (Cool)
•    Deep brown with gold or red highlights (Warm)
•    Medium golden brown (Cool)
•    Red (Warm)
•    Strawberry blond (Warm)
•    Dishwater blond (Cool)
•    Golden blond (Cool)
•    Salt and pepper (Cool)
•    White (Cool)
•    Gray with a yellow cast (Warm)

Mostly COOL colors:
Naturally cool people should avoid gold, yellow, red and bronze tones, which have a tendency to make you look sallow and drawn. The best hair color shades, depending on your skin tone, are shiny raven-wing blacks, cool ash browns, and cool blondes in shades ranging from mink to platinum and icy white. You’re fortunate to be able to wear many exciting “unnatural” colors . . . lipstick reds, burgundies, and orchids, for a more daring look.

Mostly WARM colors:
Naturally warm people should avoid blue, violet, white and jet-black hair, which will seem to “wash out” your natural high hair color. Depending on your skin tone and your preference, you’ll find that deep chocolate, rich golden browns, auburn, warm gold, red highlights, and golden blond shades enhance your “sunny” look. Hair weaving and hair highlighting are great ways to add warm tones to your hair color—and natural-looking corals, oranges and reds are dazzling on you!

Stylish Hair for Women over 40

Women in their 40s exude femininity, this is why a proper beauty enhancing hairstyle is a must. Take a peek at the following hairstyles selection perfect for women over 40 so you can look stylish and fabulous every day of the year.

There is no rulebook when it comes to hairstyles for women over 40. The right style depends on personality and facial features. It is a common misconception of women that once they pass the age of 40 they need to opt for a shorter hairstyle. This is false, hair length has nothing to do with age and women over 40 can choose whichever length suits their face shape and personality.

To help you choose a stylish hairstyle for women over 40 we have selected a variety of hairstyles which can help you look and feel great at such a beautiful age.

Women over 40 usually avoid choosing a long hairstyle mostly due to the high maintenance of the hairstyle. Long hairstyles are however very appropriate for women in or over their 40s. In the past, older women usually looked their age. Nowadays, a woman who has followed a healthy diet and looked after herself can pass for ten or even fifteen years younger than she really is. And that’s before cosmetic surgery! Older women still look fantastic with long hair as long as it is still in good condition and they have chosen the right style. This usually means softer curls, layers in strategic places and the right coloring.

sharon kayes salon women over 40 long hairSharon Kayes Salon Women over 40 Long hair 2sharon kayes salon women over 40 long hair 3

For those who prefer a softer, less dramatic look, a medium length hairstyle is ideal. Because of the wide variety of cuts and styles, this length can suit every woman. While there are no rules, most hairdressers would agree that the only styling faux pas for women over 40 would be the parting down the center and two curtains of hair hanging straight down both sides of the face. This style has the effect of dragging the face down and making it look older than it is. Why settle for that when there are so many cuts which have the opposite effect? This is a hair length which most women prefer due to the hairs versatility, femininity and maintenance level. There are a variety of medium length hairstyles suitable for women over 40 such as bob hairstyles, layered hairstyles, bangs, etc. The medium hair length will allow women to style their tresses differently every time they wish from curly to wavy, vintage, straight or flipped out depending on personal preference and occasion.

Sharon Kayes Salon Women over 40 medium3Sharon Kayes Salon Women over 40 medium2Sharon Kayes Salon Women over 40 medium hair

Short hairstyles have made a huge comeback this year and you can easily observe why. Pixie haircuts, layered short hairstyles, messy short hairstyles, look great and can offer women the style and elegance they are looking for. Women who want to turn towards a short hairstyle will also benefit from a low maintenance hairstyle as well as the hairs short length doesn’t require too much styling. Thick hair becomes thinner and less dense as we age. Short hair styles give the illusion of volume. The right cut can give a facelift effect and accentuate the eyes by drawing the gaze upward instead of down as in longer hairstyles. These styles do not suit every face and personality but they are definitely the easiest and quickest to maintain.

Sharon Kayes Salon Women over 40 short 2Sharon Kayes Hair Salon Short 1sharon kayes salon women over 40 short 3


Healthy Hair Diet

THE HAIR requires nourishment from the inside to maintain its health. Your diet is as important for hair as for every part of the body. An unbalanced diet could lead to problems like dryness, brittleness, dandruff and ultimately hair loss. So, include the following in your daily diet:

Protein is necessary for strong healthy hair as hair is made up of keratin which is a protein. So, include lean meat, fish, and plenty of eggs. For vegetarians – yogurt, dals, peas, beans and nuts.

Yoghurt is a wonder food as far as hair is concerned. So, take as much of yogurt as you can.

Eat whole grain cereals.

The B-Complex vitamins are extremely important for hair. These vitamins not only help to maintain the health and shine of hair but also prevent hair fall.

Therefore, your daily diet must contain adequate quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables eaten raw as this ensures the supply of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Minerals that are essential for healthy hair are iron, zinc, magnesium, sulphur, potassium, phosphorous and iodine.
A deficiency of iron is the cause of dull and brittle hair and if not corrected, can lead to hair fall. Sulphur and iodine play an important protective role.

Sulphur is necessary for the proper functioning and utilization of the B vitamins and thus contributes to the strength of the hair.

Iodine is necessary for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland and iodine deficiency can lead to many hair problems.

Wheat germ contains concentrated minerals. So, buy a bottle of wheat germ and sprinkle 1 teaspoon into your milk, porridge, toast or anything you eat for breakfast.

Almonds are high in minerals and vitamins so it is advised to eat 5-10 daily.

Include a salad made with vegetables like carrot, cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage everyday in your diet. Add sprouts to this salad. They contain a lot of vitamin C and B complex. For low calorie dressings, use lemon juice.
Avoid overcooked, fried foods, confectionary items, aerated drinks which provide empty calories and have no nutritional value.

Coffee, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes cause a depletion of vitamins.

Do’s and Don’ts:
In case of baldness due to fungal, viral or bacterial infection, consult a dermatologist.
Use a soft brush and well spaced bristles – do not comb your hair when wet; detangle from bottom to the top.
There is scientific evidence that the B Complex vitamins may play an important role in restoring the health of hair. So, add a B complex capsule as a supplement. Take it after breakfast.

Home-made care for falling hair:
Oils – use only natural oil avoid perfumed oils. The application of oil with a right massage helps to stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Olive oil – helps to restore the natural acid mantle of the scalp and keeps it healthy.
Castor oil – restores the health of the hair that has suffered damage due to the use of chemical dyes, perm, lotions or over use of hair dryers.

Pure coconut oil – is the most commonly used oil in our country. It improve the texture of hair and help hair growth. A pinch of camphor added to coconut oil and applied on hair helps to prevent infections and lice infestation.
Mustard oil contains sulphur which protect the scalp from bacterial & fungal infection.

Hair rejuvenating treatment:
Massage your scalp for 5 minutes while applying the paste.
Squeeze the milk out of a half a coconut, add the juice of half a lime and massage into the scalp. Leave it on for 4-6 hours. Wash it with a mild shampoo or crushed hibiscus leaves mixed with a tablespoon of crushed fenugreek (methi) seed and made into a paste.

Finally, the condition of hair depends not only on the state of health and mind, but on regular external and internal care or lack of. Like skin, hair also responds to the right kind of care.